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Hairy Mauro

So we been talking a little about Camo's hair on my LJ and I thought I'd share this video interview with him in italian, don't know what he's talking about other than the goal he scored and the match *duh* lol

This video is "Post Partita di Camoranesi dopo Maccabi Haifa-Juventus 0-1 (03/11/2009)"

BUT LOOK  at the HAIR!!!!!!!! WOW SEXY  and he got his little bandage from when they elbowed him in the head awww

I have watched a few of his interviews and from what I can tell he acts the same in almost all of them
1. He licks his lips constantly
2. He pulls his nose,
3. He scratches his eyes
4. He barely looks at the interviewer
5. He barely looks at the camera
6. He looks uncomfortable
7. He does cute facial expressions
8. By the end of all his interviews he seems more happy 

...but I like it .. : D

OHH and I like his voice , he's got a GOOD voice ..

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