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Mauro German Serra Camoranesi

Para los Aficionados

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Welcome to Mauro Camoranesi's community, I hope you will enjoy your time here.

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Contact info:
Mauro German Camoranesi
Juventus Football Club
Corso Galileo Ferraris,32
10128 Torino

Current Club: Juventus
Birth Date: October 9 1976
Birth Place: Tandil
Birth Nation: Argentina
Height: 174cm
Weight: 70Kg
Nationality: Argentine/Italian
Position: Midfielder

My Affiliate are:c_ronaldo_fans,gilardino_fans

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"Camoranesi is not only a must in any formation, but also our most complete and versatile player in the pitch. ...Nobody offers his functionality. He is a superb winger with speed,incredible ball control, dribbling ability and top-notch services. Very good his pressing and one on one situations. He can also go to the center midfield and do destruction work...., IMO, he is the man that marks the beat of the team."

Mauro Camoranesi, the Italian midfielder, continues the long tradition of Argentines of Italian descent playing for the country of their parents or, in this case, grandparents.